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Survey report

I. Introduction
Health is becoming a big problem and many more people pay attention on their health than before. In fact, people have noticed the problem. They choose to do exercise to keep healthy. They know doing physical activities is the best way to keep healthy. However, for some people, they always smoke. Most of them smoke half a pack per day. According to Seal (1988, p.35), “Smoking has been conclusively linked to many other diseases as well, including bronchitis, emphysema, larynx cancer, and pancreatic cancer.” That’s very bad for their healthy. So these people, they should quit smoking and do more exercise. Today many young people get more study and stress, sometimes they forget to do exercise. So we will do a survey in SIU to ask about them health.

II. Purpose
The purpose for us in the survey is to know more information about people’s health. We want to know what percent of people do physical activities among the young people and how often they do exercise. We want to know they have pain or not, for example, we asked them “do you have chest pain when you do not physical activity?” We also researched the smokers. We care about what do they think about their healthy. We also asked them about their BMI (body mass index). It’s a good way to judge they are healthy or not. Gyo, Young and me worked together to find out the questions.
III. Hypothesis
I think most of young people like doing exercise. While the different is how often did them do. I guess there will not so many people can have chest pain when they aren’t doing physical activities, because there are young. However, I think most young people smoke because study stress. And some people can tell us their BMI. I guess the reason is they don’t know about that or they think it’s provided information.
IV. Materials
We have the survey papers. And we put five questions and one optional question on the list. We asked the question to know about them health. Such as, do physical activity or not, smoke or not. The only optional question is about their weight and height. It’s a good way to see their basic situation about health.
V. Methods
We asked 21 people in student center, Faner Hall and outside of Fanerhall. Most of them are students, and others are people working inside. Some of them are Americans, some of them are international student. They are very kind to spend some time to help me do the survey. They answered the question patiently. We had a good interview.

VI. Data
See appendix A and B

VII. Results
According to the appendix A and B, we can see that 100% of male do exercise, and 70% of female do exercise. About 33.3% of people had chest pain when they aren’t doing physical activity, while 66.6% of people were not. 45% of male felt pain during exercise, 20% of female felt pain during exercise. Avery small percentage (1%) of people were losing balance during exercise. 33% of people were smoker out of the whole people, and they were smoke average half of pack. 75% of smoker were male and 25% of smoker were female. Most of people didn’t know about their BMI, but according to their information (height, weight), we realized average of BMI. Male’s average were 23.5, Female’s average were 18.2.

VIII. Conclusions and Discussion
Most of my hypothesis and the results are very closed. It’s true that most people like doing exercise to keep healthy. But the one point surprised me is that there are about 70% female like doing exercise and they some of them can do every day. It’s not common that people can get chest pain when they aren’t doing physical activity. And few people few people ever lost consciousness. However, the percent 33% for people that are smokers is much lower than I guessed before. Maybe people the percent has gone down because people pay more attention on health and prefer doing physical activity to smoking. So more people do exercise than before and less people smoke than before, people want to be healthy, that’s a good thing that we found out from the survey.

IX. Reference
Seal, B. (1988). Wellness. In Academic Encounter: Human behavior. Pp. 43. New York:
Cambridge University Press

X. Appendix A, B


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Children and Crime

The thesis of “Computer and Crime” by Kristine Brown and Susan Hood in Academic Encounters Life in Society (2002), indicates that there are some people who use computer systems for illegal purposes such as stealing money from banks accounts. As technology developed and helped for business and private purposes, it also helped for committing crimes. Not only money stealing is the crime by using computer, but also downloading software freely from the internet. I believe that people who uses computer for illegal purposes are increasing and should be punished by law.
The most dangerous form of stealing through the internet is to break in to certain websites and steal private information that is called hacking such as, social security number which can allow the on-line thief to use someone’s identity in whatsoever illegal activity. One crime associated with computers is selling through the internet. For example, a fake company, which has a web-site, offer goods for sale that never delivers. The consumers send his personal information to the one of these companies such as credit card number in order to pay for the price of the good. There are many problems in fighting computer crimes. First, many computer crimes are not reported to the police. In the U.S. only 17% of high-tech crimes are reported to authorities. Sometimes, companies do not report computers crimes because, the public may then lose confidence in them. Second, police cannot identify computer criminals because it is difficult to know who commits the crime. It also needs special technological skills. Computers also help police to solve crimes. For instance, the U.S. is developing a national computer database on recorded thefts. Moreover, computer helps in displaying photographs of suspects and wanted criminals on the internet.
I agree that computer crimes are increasing every year and should be punishment by law. There are many crimes that happen using the computer systems such as, stealing money from bank accounts or breaking in to a website and getting some personal information. So, I think we have to make special department in the police station to fight these kinds of crimes. Computer virus is a kind of virus that hurts the computer running. For example, a virus called “Chernobyl”, happened in 1999, and attacked hundreds of thousands of computer around the world. The viruses can be deliberately written in to programs and documents. In my opinion that U.S. government could make a program in the computer so we can protect the computer from any viruses.
I agree with author that there are many crimes happen in the internet world. For instance, stealing some programs from internet by illegal way. And also there are many website that phasing by emails. In fact, it is a fights company. I think the government should make punishment an force by law to fights those companies to protect the people from stealing.
In conclusion, I believe that there are several reasons why computer crimes are increasing every year. First, there are many crimes that happen by using the computer systems with out any punishment. Second, there are many computer programs stealing with out any safety. After all, the government should make serious punishment by the law to stop the computer crimes.

by Awni Najim

Computers and Crimes

Angelica Silva de Limongi
AE2 W052
Final Draft Summary Response #2
May 9th, 2005

The thesis of “Computers and Crime” by Brown and Hood (2002) in Academic Encounters (Chapter 7 p. 159) is that while technological advances have brought some benefits in the world like to solve crimes quickly, recently new kinds of crimes are involved with the use of computers. In other words, this technology has permitted high-tech crimes. The article discusses about types of crimes such as selling over the Internet or booming business including fraud and scam; computers viruses and hackers; and theft of information like to phishing. For instance, in 1995, one employee was charged for fraud because she stole from per paycheck ten cents every month into her personal account. According to the authors, some studies recall concerns about the use of computers related to attitudes of people. The authors report one research in which there are different degrees of opinions connected with wrong or right believes using computers. One example of that is to make copy of software for home use. This study shows one important question related with technology, changes of thoughts, activities on Internet, and issues of moral values. However, I am so worried about the consequences of these changes of people’s thoughts because anyone can learn through Internet how to commit two dangerous high-tech crimes: phishing and hacking.

First, phishing on-line is a kind of crime related to sending emails. Of all types of computers crimes, in my opinion, it is the worst because people who commit this crime not only take personal information in order to steal money but also they break moral values and feelings. In Venezuela the process of phishing is very simple. When they send emails asking for monetary help for a person who suffers diseases like cancer, and that person does not exist at all, criminals do not care about the good will of helping people. The direct consequence of this act is that in another occasion good will people would not help a real person who needs some help. This implies that Internet might become in the most effective source of fraud. So, we need to put limit this situation. Some solutions can be: do not open unsure websites, delete emails from unknown people, do not send personal information like passwords or numbers of credit cards, social security, and invest some money to buy protection systems for computers like Spy Ware and Norton.

Second, hacking is another computer crime that is against private lives and familiar values. A hacker is a person who breaks into people’s computers to seal information or destroy personal information. That is too bad and illegal. I am married and some time I am planning to have children, but I worry that he or she might learn from the Internet how to be a hacker. Nowadays, children are smart since very early, and they are learning of computers anyway. Although the Internet is the most amazing mass media, it is dangerous for little children who are connected to improperly websites. Consequently, we cannot control them all the time, and they can access every kind of information due to there is not all censorship in some websites. Therefore, the Internet might teach them how to be hackers in spite of my efforts to give them an adequate education in moral values. Nevertheless, we should use some controls on the computer home to prevent our children can visit dangerous website.

In conclusion, computers and crime is a main topic that should worry to anyone. I am sure that technological advances have brought many interesting ideas related to benefits for the society. But in the last time, some people have learned use these technological advances for commit high-tech crimes: phishing and hacking. First, the terrible consequence of phishing has been that some people not be confident and do not believe in others. Second, learning how to be a hacker is easy. Only you need to spend a lot of time on the Internet to break into people’s computers to seal information or destroy personal information. So, adults should think in a special solution like censorship on computers at home and buy different programs to protect private information.

Brown, K., & Hood, S. (2002). Computers and Crime. In Academic Encounters: Life in Society (pp. 159-160). Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Farting Dog

Angelica Silva de Limongi
May 6th, 2005
Walter the farting dog

As an introduction, I’d like to say that “Walter the farting dog” is a Children’s book, by William Kotwinkskle and Glenn Murray and illustrated by Audrey Colman was published in 2001 by Frog, Ltd. Following this, I want to say that it is my favorite story for two reasons.

First, it is a very funny story and I think that the main point is an unusual topic not usually treated in a Children’s books. I enjoy reading a lot. However, I had never read in a Children’s books about flatulence or smell gas expelled from the back of a person or animal. The main point not only refers to this corporal function (to fart), but also the most important message is the whole story is related to some values demonstrated by members of the family. In the story, there are two children called Betty and her brother Billy. Also, they have two parents (mother and father), one little cat, and our strange buddy Walter the farting dog.

Next, moral values treated in this story are connected with some aspects referring to commands to be happy in a small social group like a family or in a big group like a society. These values are practice tolerance, believe in something, be brave, love someone, and respect the differences of the others. Te last one is my favorite value due to everyone who has felt one embarrassing moment in he or his life. Therefore, in the same words of the authors “This story is for everyone who’s ever felt misjudged or misunderstood.”

Finally, the story begins when Betty and Billy brought Walter home from the dog pound because nobody wanted him and Walter cannot stop farting everywhere. Next, the parents took him to the vet. The doctor recommended a new diet for Walter. In spite of the fact, he continued farting. In addition, they said to the children that the dog should go back to the pound. The children were so sad because they love him. The children believed in their dog and they accepted Walter just the way he was. On day, two thieves broke into the house, but they could not robber anything because Walter was brave and he began farting. So, the thieves ran far away and Walter became a hero.

If you are interested in knowing the second part, you should read the second book “Walter the farting dog: Trouble at the yard sale”

My favorite coffee shop

About two months ago, I came here to study in CESL. Recently, I got used to life here and I could find good places around the university. A few weeks ago, I found a coffee shop on Jackson Street. The new house coffee shop is not so large, but inside of this shop, there is a so good interior, a little old style pictures and small ornaments. The reason that I love there are there have many couches, some board games and the proprietor is a pleasant person. Of course they have many flavored coffees and teas. It is comfortable place for me, so usually I spend at least 2 hours with one drink there. Whenever I go there, customers enjoy themselves, studying, chatting and reading books or papers. This coffee shop gives me good time to chat with my friends.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Miriam Makeba

One of my favorite musicians is Miriam Makeba...she's a South African singer who has become famous. Her music is still hard to find in the US...I could only find one cd and it had lots of western music on it. Actually her African music is best. I love to hear about the musicians that different people know about in different countries. I hope you will tell us about your favorites!

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MUSIC picks

Put your MUSIC picks here...

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Mass Media Today

The thesis of “Mass Media Today” from Academic Encounters (2002), says do not believe everything you see or hear from the Mass Media. First of all, the problem is that reporters fail to check the facts, the reporters do not check carefully for the information and they write what they hear without checking. For example, the Newspaper announced that some people died when they really didn’t. Second, misrepresentation by reporters is cased by them misunderstanding the people they interview or they want to make the story more serious or more incredible. For instance, some of the reporters when they get information they add to it more details that exist, then they write about it, sometime they make the facts exaggerate to make it exciting. Third, misrepresentation happens when the reporters make an interview with someone and he writes things that he never asked about. Last, some of the news on the net is rumors that didn’t happen but reporters put it to everybody to see their reaction. In conclusion, the Mass Media does not always give you true reports or it is overwritten, so my advice to everybody who gets any kind of news, which you read or see, is to make sure that it is true.
By: Ammro

The Internet In My Country

The Internet is something that is very important all over the world, and every one knows how to use it these days. In my country in the last decade the government of Saudi Arabia has developed the Internet. Also, the Internet is a great invention and it makes life easier these days. For example, in my country it helps students and teachers to search for any thing they want. And, children use the Internet more than adults. However, the Internet is like a weapon and it has positive and negative things.

In my country there is a lot of influence from the Internet that helps my country to be a modern country. The government helps the workforce and the students to know more about the Internet. For example, they send some of the workforce and students to take courses about the Internet, so they can teach other people how to use it. For example, the government uses the education part to let the students know more about the Internet. Also, the businessmen started to open a lot of places to use the Internet, like Internet cafés and it helps a lot of people who don’t have a computer and it’s cheap. In addition, it helps the people to communicate with the world and get new information. Finally, it helps the workforce in their buying, selling, and advertising.

In general the Internet has a lot of positive things and helps people around the entire world. The Internet makes life more easy these days, for example, every one can get a lot of information that they wants to know, like the world news or any kind of information that people want to know about. Also, it helps to communicate with the world and make new friends. And, every one can buy any thing they want to buy from the Internet. For example, cars, materiel or any thing you want to have. However, no one these days can stop Internet addiction.

On the other hand, like every thing has some positive aspects, it also has negative aspects. It was very expensive to use the Internet when it started working in Saudi Arabia and the computers also were expensive. After that, the prices became lower. A lot of children don’t want to stop playing games and it’s easy for them to view the bad home page in my country. Also, the criminals steal a lot of things, for example, they take money from your account or steal important things from your computer by hacking your computer or send viruses to it.

In conclusion, the Internet is like a weapon you can use for good or bad things. Also, the Internet in Saudi Arabia is very important and it makes life easier for the people who live there. Also, the percent of the people who use the Internet in Saudi Arabia has been increasing. The people who invented the Internet help the world to make their life easier. And, I hope in the future that people should use this invention in a good way that helps people to communicate with each other and to get information not destroying each other by hacking computer or send viruses to each other.
By: Ammro

Summary #1 :: “Reporting The Facts” by South China Morning Post 1998

The thesis or “Reporting The Facts” from the South China Morning Post (1998) is that every day we have more information from the mass media which includes both true and false news. First, Sometimes, people are confused because there are some facts in the media, which are used by the media’s incorrectly. Next, the media uses catchy headlines to get people’s attraction, but sometimes they exaggerate the facts to make it more interesting. Also, if the media have to use quotes, it should follow the whole sentence and keep the same meaning,, but the media used that then changed it. In addition, there is some mistaken news on the Internet. Finally, in the world many troubles come from people who were influenced by the mass media.

:: by Jamie

Hello Everybody

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Have your pictures taken.

Dear Students,

In the past, we have had many great essays and weblog postings posted on CESL's weblogs. But, most of the works are only regonized by name. We wish our students to be regonize for their accomplishments. So, come and have your picture taken and be known for who you are along with your work ! Let people see who you are too ! If you do not wish to have your pictures posted on weblog, that is okay too. If you would like to have your pictures taken (so we can put it on our website) please contact John or Marie to schedule an appointment.

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